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  Graviera kakabos  
  Graviera KAKAVOS is a hard cheese made from fresh pasteurised cow’s and sheep’s milk, which is named after Mount Kakavos in the uplands of north-east Chalkidiki. Kakavos is a stunning mountain, which most likely took its name from the word ‘kakkavi’, a domestic utensil. The mountain’s rich flora, consists principally of beech, oak and chestnut trees, many of which are very old. The uniquely green rind of the graviera protects  the cheese while at the same time allowing it to ‘breathe’ as it matures, reminding us of the precious ‘lungs’ of the area, that is, Mount Kakavos  
  Hard cheese produced from pasteurised cow’s and sheep’s milk. Fat in dry matter 40%, maximum water content 38%  


           Wheel of 9 - 10 kg           Airtight package 250 - 350 gr